Vintage Kimono from Japan

Kimono is Japanese Traditional garment.
We have vintage original Kimono and Haori jacket in silk
for women, men and children. They are all unique piece.

We have also Yukata (cotton made), Jimbei&Samue with pants,
sandals Gheta and Obi belt.


  • Women

    Japanese original Kimono in silk, in vintage. 
    Yukata in cotton.
    For special occasion, as a unique cloth or
    as a homewear as well.

    Come si veste kimono - YouTube

  • Haori Jacket

    Short Kimono 

    Haori are jackets worn over on Kimono.
    You may want to wear as a Short length Kimono.
    It's OK but usually it wears leaving open on front center.
    We have Original Haori in silk, in vintage.
    You may wear as a jacket on pants or in special ocasion like a wedding.
    If you are looking for a something different, please check Haori!

  • Men

    Japanese Original Kimono 

    We have Original Kimono from Japan, in vintage.
    Usually Kimono for men are plain in navy, brown, grey black.
    And some Haori Jacket has traditional pattern inside on lining.

    We have also Yukata in cotton, Jimbei&Samue with pants.

  • Kids

    Kimono e Jimbei

    Kimono for boy 6-7 years and
    Jimbei (shirt and pants) for 3-5years old.

  • Obi belt

    Original traditional Obi belt in silk for Kimono, Obi for Yukata.
    And Modern obi made by La Zacca using japanese cotton fabrics,
    You can use them on one-piece or pants.

  • Altri

    Kimono homewear

    Kimono Shirts robe with pants.
    Jimbei with short pants and
    Samue with long pants.

    che cos'è Samue?

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