Various design & size

We have many kind of origami, from child to professional.
Washi Yuzen to make jewellery or small sheets for thousand crane.

Origami papers


  • Washi Origami

    Japanese rice paper

    Origami of japanese paper Washi. Soft and high quality papers.
    Usually they are decorative like Kimono (Yuzen style).
    To make jewellery, cards and decorate album etc.

  • Artisan-made washi

    From Kyoto

    We have handmade and hand dyed washi papers from Kyoto.
    Printed by hands of an artisan (ASAI CHORAKUEN).
    Please enjoy his high quality papers.

  • Origami paper

    What do you make?

    We have many kinds of Origami. From 4cm to 35cm.
    We hope that you'll find one good for your work.

  • Origami object

    Crane, Flowers

    We'll make origami by orders.
    But we have cranes and flowers on onlineshop.
    If you want to origami for wedding or another occasion,
    please contact us!

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