Kimono and accessories (Bag, socks, belt etc.)
T-shirts and room-wers.
Handmade original Bijoux 

Japanese Fashion Items


  • Kimono

    Vintage Kimono from Japan

    Kimono is Japanese Traditional garment.
    We have vintage original Kimono and Haori jacket in silk
    for women, men and children. They are all unique piece.

    We have also Yukata (cotton made), Jimbei&Samue with pants,
    sandals Gheta and Obi belt.

  • Bags

    Eco-Shopping Bag,  
    Kimono Bag in silk, 
    pocchette and purse
    by Japanese fabrics e.

  • Bijoux

    Origami and washi paper's bijoux,

    accessories by japanese kimono fabrics.

    La Zacca original Handmade bijoux is all unique piece.

  • Socks

    Tabi socks

    Tabi socks are with separation between thumb and others or all 5 fingers separated.

  • Clothes

    T Shirts, blouse, pajamas etc.
    Japanese clothes not Kimono
    By japanese patterns.

  • Neckwear

    Meckwarmer, scarves, stole

  • Hair accessories

    Hairband, Kanzashi and others

  • Accessories

    Mirrors, umbrella and others

  • Fan

    Folding fan, papaer fan, artisans made or not.

  • Sandals

    Japanese traditional wooden  thong sandals Gheta, Zori.

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